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Hello Awesome People, i've been watching this show, "we got married", lately. it features make I believe wedded couples in their everyday adventures with life. My favourite couple is....Lettuce couple. This couple made me laugh, felt sad, and most especially made me feel that love knows no rules. I hate Hwang Bo actually, because im too jealous with her. How i wish i was her ( hyun joong's bride )

At first, they were awkward (who wouldn't be when the groom is 6 years younger than bride). But as they knew each other well, age becomes nothing but a number. 

see how good they look together on their 100th day photoshoot. 
# ONEstep closer after this photoshoot =)

#Hyun Joong Fact - based on my observation
1. He scared of bugs so much!
2. He's funny!
3. A bit childish
4. He love to perform the aegyo
5. He's caring 
6. Nomatter how, he will struggled to wins the games
7. He's romantic with his own way 
8. He hate running in the rain
9. He love make something that make someone laugh
10. He so cute!!!!!!

Watching it really make me hearts broken into piece. Sometimes I do wonder what is the reason for all this fake marriage and yet they have to split even when they don't feel like they want it. For me, this show grab my attention and emotion and then they leave me just with one emotion..emptiness. I even cant sleep thinking of them. It is just sad that they have to leave the show. But they will forever be remembered. so sad :( ok ok i know i'm over reacting but still...i do believe they have feelings for each other. 

I really think after watching it, Hwang Bo really tried so hard to protect her heart...
Trying so hard to move on when she knows it's not easy for her... even Hyun Joong look sad with their depart.

The best part of their farewell is when both of them express their thought with "My Sassy girl" style... from there we can see the truth inside them... what they really think.

#Hyun Joong's last words for HwangBo future husband...
"Our Hwang Buin, she doesn't like to do cute acts, so don't force her to! Andplease...she can cook really well, but don't request for it all the time, because she will tire out. Don't'll have to call her at twice a day...don't look at other women, and please don't talk about your first love. If you can, to your very best, earn big bucks for her monthly, so that she won't have to go on different shows anymore.
(the kid groom, who has became the pillar of strength you can count on)
And also...even if I don't say it...please be very good to her!
Don't go to Jeju island during your honeymoon...she'll think about me.
(Jeju island is full of memories)
She'll think about this when she comes here...  

The last line...I really feel that if I come to this summit again, I'll think of right now."

#Hyun Joong's last word for his buin;
"So with your next husband, you won't need to be here again.And honestly speaking, I don't show it, but inside my heart I feel...that I've gotten a lot of help (from Buin), and truly when I was at my lowest, whenever it happened, when I see Buin, I changed for the better. I have always wanted to say this to you. I live in my very closed up world, I'm not sure if you realised, but apart from my friends no one else will be able to see me as who I am. But I think you know me. The darkest parts of me, I wasn't pretending. How should I say this...I think at the moment I need it the most, God has put you in my life. I have always wanted to tell you this, when I was at my lowest. You should be happy to know, that Buin will be the last woman I hike up a mountain with. I'll never climb another mountain."

#HwongBo's last word for Kid groom's wife

He's a competitive kid, so you'll have to lose to him often, but never, never let it be obvious that you're letting him win. You've tried all your might, but you still lost; that is what he should see. If he doesn't wake up in the mornings, give him a tickle in the ribs and he'll obey. Doesn't like to be mushy, so don't expect anything much. Please just experience him with all your heart. 

As their show ends, i started to cry. Even I hate HwangBo before,..but now i really hope they will have a happy ending. In other words, i hope their marriage become a real marriage. 

        side effect;
       1# addicted
       2# lack of sleep