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im not the brightest or genius student but i had tried my best im not the the popular or famous student but atleast my friends know me well im not good but im not too evil im not going to say that im perfect because i also make mistake often that how i am how you treat me is depends on you :)

Daily Life #2

Hello, Awesome People ! Another morning for me :) Thanks to God for wake me up everyday . Im welcoming my new followers. Thanks for follow myblog. And, Yes, special thank for my silent reader. I love you guys ! Okay, lately..I already kind of bored with FACEBOOK. you know why?

#1. There alot of GOSSIP GIRL, tick off among each others, sarcastic others. Talk about her/ him and so on. Come on lah, world ! Be more matured.
A tips from me " never reveal ur personal problem to public "
murah-nye kisah anda untuk dikongsikan bersama public. kan bagus you put your status " mom, i love you. dad, i miss you" or  yang berunsur keagamaan.  SORRY . HARSH WORD. Oppsieee :)

#2. My mom bought many many many books for me. Ghost ! I LOVE BOOK so much.

my mini library. :)

#3. Look what my dad bought. jeng jeng jeng. THE GHOST HOUSE.

The games is about...your exploration in the creepy house as we look for your friend. A group of zombie is approached and trying to get your brains. So, instead of looking for your friend, you need to escape from the zombie. NO, u cant escape, you must save yourself. There's no place for you to run away. It's more fun & challenging than PLANT Vs Zombie's games.

Playing this alone make me scared but sometime i feel furious. huh. I know it's not suitable games for girls especially teenagers like me, but, it's so interesting & exciting for me.

Hitting the zombie with baseball stick like you hit someone you hate. ahahhahaha. it's better than express your feeling on Social Networking, kan? . Its' soundtrack & the ugly zombie that suddenly appeared make it a little bit creepy.