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im not the brightest or genius student but i had tried my best im not the the popular or famous student but atleast my friends know me well im not good but im not too evil im not going to say that im perfect because i also make mistake often that how i am how you treat me is depends on you :)

p/s : let me in

Bring me a lily and one loaf of bread
take me home now
I can't forget any words that you've said
but they're gone now
Trying my best to keep up with your pace
but you're too fast
Trying my best to get off of this fence
for I won't last

Maybe we can try to be better this time

I'm just a speckle of dust
in this gigantic world now
And I'm going only where the wind will take me
bring me down now

And my smiles turn to tears
and I'm facing my fears
can't you see me
trying my best to reach out for your hand
you won't let me in
and I've done what I can
you keep changing your plans
do you need me

so let me in