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im not the brightest or genius student but i had tried my best im not the the popular or famous student but atleast my friends know me well im not good but im not too evil im not going to say that im perfect because i also make mistake often that how i am how you treat me is depends on you :)

Shoping Day

Firstly, shopping is necessity thing in my life. Because I need something: food, clothes, shoes, and "something"

Like every girl I enjoy my time shopping because I like to renew my wardrobe and update my style. I prefer to walk around shops, relax, and concentrate on my shopping. However, shopping would get to dull if it became my daily routine. I feel nervous when I can't find what I want. 

Sometimes shopping can be time when I feel relax, and sometimes you feel angry.
Secondly I have to talk about looking after money. Sometimes I spend my money later, but now I am trying spending the money on time. I want to have money all the time, and I buy something, when I have a lot of money ^_^

Of course my parents allow me to spend money on what I want. For example the money I can spend for apparels, for cosmetics or party. Hence, my parents give me the freedom to use the money, to understand that if I spend all the money today, tomorrow I can not buy anything.
Nonetheless everyone wants to be richer and happier. 

My family probably would be happier if we would be very wealthy. But money is not important and now we are living well. Well, shopping is girl's life, kan ? 

Talk about shopping, today is shopping day for mom &me. While, my dad & my cousin enjoy hitting their golf stick..and bla bla bla. 

One of my privileges is..I can stand at book store for 24/7...After a few hours, ultimately, I found what I want.

" mum, did you bring you member card?"
"what do u want to buy?"
"these novels"
"why not you buy some story book for Gucci?...u should teach her how to read from now on"
 then...I pick 1 book story (RM19.90)..well, hesitate to buy that book..for me, 19.90 dolars..if I round will become 20 dolars. 20 dolars is quite expensive for me. But, I never buy something for her before. Then, yes. I bought it dengan keterpaksaan :P

story book that i bought for her..with a very big picture & very biggggg font

She is reading. It's a story book..but she keep said " a..b..c....bla bla bla" you know ? baby languange. Wait, she's no longer as baby anymore.

How excited she is. 

She love to take a photo too. Kids nowadays...hurm -.-

Yes, this is where I found her screaming..ask for attention