follow me peeps !


im not the brightest or genius student but i had tried my best im not the the popular or famous student but atleast my friends know me well im not good but im not too evil im not going to say that im perfect because i also make mistake often that how i am how you treat me is depends on you :)

i remember,babe !

I remember .. the way you glanced at me , yes i remember . lalalalallalalalaa
okay then , after i  got my spm's result , i was offered to further my study @matriculation labuan . i was doubt for taking any risk coz im not the struggle one .
#what if i expelled ? *malu*
#what if i failed ? *double malu*
#what if i got bad pointer ? *triple malu*
#what if i cannot struggle like others ?
#what if i got my lecturer ferocious ? yes ! im too sensitive for sure .
i had hundreds of 'what if' in my mind .

Somehow on 21st may 2011 , i finally offered to further my study @UiTM , Samarahan Campus and studied diploma in science . since my ambition is a doctor * GOD WILLING* yessss ! i accept a bid ! miahahahahahah

On that day , i wore baju kurung just to ensure that im look tidy & sweeeet gituuu . i 'check-in @Kolej Seri Gading , Block 2(a) , Level 3 , no 06 .. goshhhh ! then , since i was the last one , i entered my room with my 'muka malu-malu siput babi' while i heret all my big stuff .. al-maklum lah , i never stay @hostel before . and seriously ! im not an independent person . my bad =(
then , me & my roomate have a small ice breaking .. i still remembered ! fresh in my mind .. the way we introduce ourself .

DON ( the oldest) , she's the chief on my room . and ..... she's sooo garang . ahahahahah , she's studied bussiness managent since she want to be a bussinesswoman soon

* EVA ( matriculation student ) , she have a superbbb english . yes , she speaks english damn good enough . plus , she's good in biology

ANGEL ( the congek one) she cute , which it makes me suka buli her . sory , angel . but unfortunately , she finally got offered from SPA , so , its hard to say goodbye, angel =(


But , like malay's proberb has said ''patah tumbuh hilang berganti " after one month , suzie comes , computer science student . i salute her damn much coz she can grab her lesson even she was one month late . and also , i suka buli her .. HAHA ! that's my job =)

Pejam celik-pejam celik , now im entered new semester . fuhh . bergitu cepat masa berlalu , sometimes , i feel macam terdengar masa berlalu meninggalkan kita . tic toc tic toc .how old i am ! neway , im enjoy my life as mahasiswi =) how i wish i will be like my mom and dad . last but not least , congrates to my mom . she just finished her master and will get the square head on october 2012 . god willing ! and also to my dad , hopefully , he will further his study on PhD soon ! i nak jugak rasa menjadi anak 'doktor' even doktor falsafah only . im still proud to be the only daughter & child to my parent . but please dont think that im spoil just because im the only child even im not an indenpendent one .

*here my buah tangan for tonight*

my momma & me * quite blurrr huh ? * teknical problem , babe !
my mom love this damn much . mommy & daughter's huggies ! she's thinking to make them into potret soon =)

again im bluurrrr there while the camre focus on my mum *sigh*

finally , a perfect snap . *aftr im taking a bath* makes me look so wangi here =)

that's it for today . nunite peeps !