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im not the brightest or genius student but i had tried my best im not the the popular or famous student but atleast my friends know me well im not good but im not too evil im not going to say that im perfect because i also make mistake often that how i am how you treat me is depends on you :)
jingle bell . jingle bell . jingle all the way . opssss ~! terlebih sudahh . forget the past . it has already ended bebehhh . now is bustling with chinese new year . BOOM sana BOOM sini . seems like a 3rd world war . ohohohoho . for me , i celebrated "my chinese new year " dengan menikmati kelazatan buah limau kasturi mandarin then watch some animation movie . ahakksss . whattt ? okeyy . im not chinese but still celebrate it . SATU MALAYSIA bhaa . i celebrate all festival in malaysia . i celebrate christmas . deepavali . hari raya . chinese new year . gawai . what else ? okey . thaipusam :D

CNY is the most important festivals to celebrate in chinese lunar calendar. chinese lunar calendar is divided into cycles of 12 years and was named after an animal . this year is the year of rabbit .

CNY symbolizes the beginning, the starting point in the fate and life. before the day of the new year begins, relatives far away will come back together . house is cleaned and all debts collected or paid for them are not always surrounded by a new debt during the year.

burned firecrackers at midnight to mark the beginning of a new year and to repel the gnome and the bad luck.

the houses are decorated with orange as a symbol of cheap food, flowers and lemon trees.

CNY is celebrated with a dinner and cake baskets yee sang. families will eat traditional dishes such as large duck, smoked meats, sausages, sticky rice cakes, and oranges .

young people will be visiting the elderly and receive ang pau money in a red envelope to symbolize good fortune, which is given by the families of those who are still unmarried

dragon or lion dance parade will be held , with floats, accompanied by the sound of drums. 15days after the CNY , CNY celebration is terminated with Chap Goh May

CNY is not only celebrated by chinese all over the world, but also celebrated by the people of korea, vietnam, mongol and miao (chinese hmong) are influenced by china in terms of culture and religion, the chinese lunar calendar is also wearing for sure*
P/S : HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR , readers&bloggers . love you ♥