follow me peeps !


im not the brightest or genius student but i had tried my best im not the the popular or famous student but atleast my friends know me well im not good but im not too evil im not going to say that im perfect because i also make mistake often that how i am how you treat me is depends on you :)

deep . deep . deep in my heart

"selamat pagi , terima kasih pampers"

goodmorning belogggerrss :) give me a litle sunshines . 3 days to to . we leave and go . good bye 2010 . HELLO 2011 . so , every first step on every new year , we got new 'azam' . but sometimes , we can't make it . but,dont too upset , dear . we got a chance ..just like monopoly. remember tis --> "new year,new chance"
for me , tis year bring too much fun,happiness,sadness,trouble to me . but as soon as i getting more older than before . i try to think +ve . as SPM victim tis year , i was struggling to get some flying colours . but now,i can breath easily as i END MY SCHOOL age .
tis year also makes me joy . makes me getting closer to my others mate which i rarely mess up with them . and now , i miss them :(
okee ! FORGET ABOUT THE PAST . now , bring me to the future,dude!
too many azam inside my mind
1 .got exellence result with a flying colorsss
2. get my driving license
3 . climb mt.kinabalu if i could :)
4 . be a billionaire
5 . be a richest
6 . paint my 'buruk's room
7. makes some mercy
8. build a house on seaside
9 . get mini cooper
10 . nikon d7000
11. makes some suprise
12. hope soon i can be a doctor
13. further study at oxford U
14 . makes them proud
15 . makes some money by my own
wateve my azam . what i want is .. i wanna my family,friend,my boyfie be happy and healthy :)
as long as i breath . i wanna beside them . every ups and down . every single day.
the way i celebrate my new year ?
having some alcohol ?? NO
too social ? NO
my ways :
wear a good dress
join party tht organized annually
gather w my big families
karaoke * even i got sweet bad pitch
makes some special's dinner
pictorial * makes family potret
accompanied by firework
sendind some text to beloverrr
laugh , dance , sing until the sunrise